Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Thoughs

Sunday is a day for relaxation, and spending time doing things we enjoy. And well with relaxation you start thinking about what is good in your life. These are a few of the really good moments that have happened this week.

The Coloring and Card Game Meeting

Yes, a couple of friends and I have decided to meet up each week to play games and color. I forgot how weird the rules are for Mille Borne. I haven't played the game since I was a child. And my friend Andy dug out an original set of the game. A real vintage game from the 1970's. It was a good time last week.

Sailor Moon

Yes, I met with some friends at the Geek Girl Brunch a couple of weeks ago. One of them mentioned how big a fan they were of Sailor Moon. I have watched the series in the past, but I decided to watch it again. Yes, it is addictive. But it's a fun kind of addictive. The good news is I finished binge watching Shameless(the UK version) so I have more time to watch Sailor Moon. What on earth did we do for entertainment before Netflix and Youtube? I just can't imagine life without them anymore.
Find of the Week

I was in the mood to shop. And well I shouldn't be spending much money, but I ran into the Goodwill
This was the fabulous find of the day. It dances too! There are big things in store for this chicken.

Helping Someone Out

A friend of mine contacted me and asked for a ride somewhere. I'm glad that I have time to help others out right now. Last year at this time I was just focused on surviving my job. I can finally give back to all of those people who put up with me while I was under all that stress.

Saying No

I have the tendency to do things even though I don't want to so that I don't make waves. Yep, yesterday I just said no to something. The person wasn't very happy. But I feel like I didn't let someone take advantage of me that has been recently. Yay, Me!

So what's been going on in your life? 

Don't miss the chance to be a winner! 


  1. I haven't coloured in or played a card game in many years I honestly don't feel like I have the time

  2. Oh, Sailor Moon! I watched the series when I was much younger, and I'm still a fan even though I'm much older now. :P
    You might want to check out the live action version called "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon." It only covers the inner senshi, but it's still good.