Tuesday, February 16, 2016

That Treasured Toy

We all have toys. Some times they mean a lot to us. And some times they are just something sitting around the house. As a child my absolute favorite toy was a stuffed donkey that I received for Christmas. I adored it. There were times when the donkey got set aside for newer toys. But I kept the donkey around.

He moved to different parts of the country. There were times when he sat in boxes for ages. There were times when he sat on my bed. As time went by he began to have a funny odor. Maybe he sat in too many basements. He looked a little sad. He was dingy too.

Then one day I listened to one of those decorators on a talk show. He told a woman to get rid of the stuffed animals from her childhood she was an adult now. For some reason it made sense to me. So I packed up my donkey who had traveled with me for years. And hauled him to the thrift store. I was an adult now. I didn't need my stuffed donkey.

Recently, I have been thinking about my stuffed donkey. I regret giving him away in the way I did. I should have found a better place for him. Should I have taken better care of who received this worn and treasured toy? And did I throw away a part of me when I sent him away. Did I throw away some of those treasured childhood dreams when I decided that I was an adult now? I'll never know for sure if any of those are what happened when he was cast aside. But I do know one thing. I miss that stuffed donkey.

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  1. Its so strange that neither my son or I have really clung to any toy or blanket!! For a while I thought we had something wrong with us but I guess its not that uncommon!! It would be so neat to know where your donkey is now!! I bet he is loved!!