Thursday, February 18, 2016

Unknown Relative Dies Huge Inheritance

Imagine getting a notice stating that an unknown relative dies and you are receiving a huge inheritance. Here's some of the things I would spend the money on.

I loved The Sandman comic book series. It was such a great story line. And Death was my second favorite character. I really liked Delirium best. But with a huge inheritance I would get this statue.

There is nothing more relaxing than a warm bath. And I would buy a dozen of these bath bombs right away.

And of course something fun to start the day. Organic body wash for the morning shower. 

Since I'll have all that money, I think I can afford something a little indulgent. And a $45.00 jar of caramel sauce would be the best.

Need I explain why? I mean it's just so much fun.

And I hope that a pot of gold finds its way into all of your lives soon.


  1. Love eyegel and like the loss of bags under the eyes.

  2. If it's that big of an inheritance then get all the Endless statues. Also, Potato Vader needs a few dozen Spudtroopers.