Saturday, March 5, 2016

All Of These People Are Like French Men

I was speaking to someone from Belgium the other day. I asked her if she liked it here. She stated that she liked it, but everyone here is so rude. "She stated that all of these people are like french men. They are the rudest people you will meet." I kind of chuckled and replied that yes, some people are rude, but most of them aren't.

Fast forward a couple of days. I'm at Fresh Thyme. I get to the check out line. There is a man having a conversation. At first I think he is talking to the lady working at the check out. Then I noticed she is responding. So the next thing I think is maybe he is just talking at her. Then I realize he is talking on his bluetooth. Not just a little the entire time he was at the check out he was on the phone. He didn't even speak to the cashier.

It's my turn at the cashier. I think about mentioning this incident to her, but I decide not to. Then all of the sudden she says I'm so glad that I had to help that man. I mean what I am invisible? I chuckled, and said yeah, it was pretty rude what he dead. He could have at least said hi to you.

Then I remembered what the young lady from Belgium told me earlier that week. And yeah, maybe all of these people are like french men.

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