Thursday, March 10, 2016

Can't You Just Be Happy?

Have you ever had something really good happen to you? And you're feeling happy? You want to share your happiness with someone else. You tell them you're happy. And you are expecting something back. You want them to be happy for you. But to your surprise they aren't.

This happened to me this week. You see I asked for an extra day off work to go along with my vacation week. And I got it! Management was good to me! I was happy! I had nothing to complain about. But there was a problem. My co-workers were not happy. In fact they were quite unhappy.

You see one of them had tried to adjust their schedule to make their vacation start time begin a day earlier. And it didn't get approved. She was mad. She told me they wouldn't let me do that. She aked how I got the extra day. I told her that I asked the supervisor how to fill out the paperwork so that I could use an extra vacation day to get a longer vacation. I did it the way my supervisor showed me.

Another co-worker was angry because she had to work with a co-worker she didn't like that day. She went to a manager and said you need to change that schedule.

I was a bit confused at this point. Something really good happened to me. And nobody else wanted to be happy. Why couldn't they just have said I'm happy for you? I would have totally got it if they said I'm happy for you, but how can I make that happen for me?

I guess my point is why can't we just be happy for each other when something good happens to them? Maybe if we take less time focusing in on what we didn't get, and focus in on the good things more good things will happen around us.

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