Sunday, March 27, 2016

Daffodil Days

You know that spring has arrived when you see these popping up in your yard. For most of us it is a sight for sore eyes. Finally a break in the cold weather. And we all can't wait to see them bloom.
Yes, another we have survived another winter. And the daffodils in my yard have arrived. I love the bright colors. But there are a few things that you should know about daffodils.

These bright and beautiful flowers that are one of the first signs of spring are not from the Americas. They are originally from Europe and Asia. If you really think about it they are kind of an invasive species that wouldn't be allowed into the country anymore.

Daffodils grow from a bulb and they should be planted in the fall. So if you love these flowers, and you didn't plan for your spring garden. You'll need to go to the gardening department to get some to plant in your yard.

They are fairly hardy. I mean they are some of the first flowers to bloom each year.

In nature daffodils grow in clumps. So when you plant them in your garden, plant them close together. They really do seem to like this. There are often a few that venture a little further out, but most stay with the clump.

There are several different varieties of these beautiful bloomers. If you choose a variety of the different plants, you could have daffodils for a solid six to eight weeks. That's a lot of color in your garden for a long period of time. And there are many different shades from yellow to pink that are available.

Here are some tips for achieving a great daffodil garden.

1. Choose early, mid, and late bloomers to extend the life of the garden.
2. Choose a spot that receives at leasts a half day of sunlight.
3. Plant bulbs eight inches eep for consistent performance.
4. Fertilize when you plant with a slow release fertilizer formulated for bulbs.
5 In spring, let the foliage remain for at least 12 weeks after flowering to replenish the bulb.

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  1. I don't have a green thumb so I'm sure that if I followed your instructions I would totally fail at it. But I have a great collection of aloe vera plants that I've managed not to kill.

  2. I like the photo with the chain link in the background - an interesting contrast!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. I absolutely love daffodils -- they are such a beautiful harbinger of spring! I have only planted bulbs once, and the deer ate them, haha. Never tried again. I have been known to buy a pot of already planted bulbs at the store and enjoy them that way, though. :)