Friday, March 25, 2016

Dream Easter Basket List

Easter is Sunday, and there are loads of things I would love to have my Easter Basket this year. Here are my top favorites for the year.
An if you read my post You Saw That Didn't You you already know that I have been binge watching episodes of Sailor Moon. So it would be pretty great if the Easter Bunny included the first six volumes in my basket this year.

My friends and I have been looking for a new card game to play together. The goal is to win the game by poisoning other players. I found it on Kickstarter, but I'm not sure if it is actually available yet. 
So anybody who knows me knows I love little cute things, and I really love bento boxes. 

What is an Easter Basket without chocolate, an I really love those Lindt truffles. They are just so yummy!

I always want new hairclips, and I love the design on this one. Oh, Easter Bunny I will love you to death if this is in my basket this year.

 What do the rest of you want inclued in your Easter Basket?

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