Friday, March 18, 2016


We all have dreams  in life. But so few of us actually make them come true. We sit and try to figure out why they never come true. I recently received a copy of the book Dream by Marcia Wieder to review. There are some books you read and you think that they are good. There are books that you read that you never want to end. And there are some books that you tell yourself I have to read this again. Dream is a book that I told myself you have to read this again.

The Book

The author is the creator of Dream University. And her goal in life is to help other achieve their dreams. I know everyone out there just screamed alright that's just what I need someone to make all of my dreams come true. But as the author points out in this book you are the only one who can make your dreams come true. 

Marcia provides an instruction manual on how to make dreams come to true. She provides exercises that help an individual find what is causing them not to dream. This book isn't a quick fix book. The exercises involve some work. But it you sit down and actually figure out exactly what you want you will begin to move toward the things you really dream about.

What I Learned 

I learned quite a bit from this book. I learned that I really do need to sit down and focus in on what my true dream in life is. It's more easy than you think. Then I learned that I need to sit down a set some small dreams that I can and will achieve. I learned or maybe I was just reminded that I really need to set time aside to work on making my dream come true each day. I also learned that if it is really important to me, I will start doing it. I will begin to look for the things that I fear and conquer those fears. In short, I have a lot of work to do.

Who Should Read This Book

If  you are interested in living the life you have dreamed is possible, then you should definitely read this book. If you are interested in conquering your fears that hold you back, then you should read this book. If you can't afford a dream coach, you should read this book. In essence anybody who wants more out of life than the day to day routine of just living should read this book.

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