Saturday, March 12, 2016

Fantastic Moments of the Week

Every week bring those moments that turn out to be just kind of fantastic! There are times when you aren't sure how things will work out, but they always turn out well. Here are a few of the great moments in my week.

First, my friend Heather from Geek Girl Brunch, provided me with some tickets to Fantasticon in Lansing, Michigan. I had loads of fun. It was a fabulous getaway. I didn't know what to expect from the show, but it was really fun. Not a huge show, but it was great to see some new things in the world of comics and geekdom. You can check out some of what I saw in my Fantasticon Photos post.

I haven't treated myself to anything silly and cute in a while. Right now I shouldn't be going wild and crazy with this, but I did order a pair of bunny hair clips from Kyoto Charms. It arrived this week, and I wasn't disappointed in my choice. The clips are adorable!

I had to wait through half of the work week to find out if I would get this Saturday off. You know those work schedule things. I knew that I would have the week off after Sunday. It's complicated the way we get our vacation time at my job. But I wasn't sure if I would get today off. I was pleasantly surprised when I got Saturday off! It felt great to sleep in this morning. I love that supervisor of mine! You rock!

My friend contacted me yesterday to see if I wanted to get a pedicure today! Yes I did! I really needed it because my feet have been hurting more. I think I need some new shoes. Anyway, here are my toes after the pedicure.

They look like I stepped in a pot of gold. I'm all set for St. Patrick's Day! I can't wait!

Next, I went to Sweets So Geek for their Pie Pan Auction. One of the things I love about this shop is their creativity. They truly enjoy what they do. And their desserts are always memorable. I got the Cherry Bomb. Chocolate cake with a piece of cherry pie inside the cake. It is delightful. And well one piece is enough dessert to last a couple of days. Back to the Pie Pan auction though. Here are some pictures of the great creations that they auctioned off.

It was difficult to decide which of these items I liked best and was worthy of a bid. It was a toss up between the Harlequin and Cheshire Cat. I really like how Geeks So Sweet has used their niche market to make a place for those who march t the beat of a different drummer.

Here's to hoping that all of you have had a truly fantastic week. And what has made your week fantastic?

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