Monday, March 7, 2016

Fantasticon Photos

I was really fortunate this week. A friend of mine gave me tickets to Fantasticon. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a comic book convention. And well there always interesting people at these convention. And one of the things that makes them so interesting is that they are so creative. Here are a couple of the things I saw at this convention.

Star Wars Droids
These droids actually worked too. A gentleman built these and they were operated by remote control.

I'm always amazed at how realistic all of the props are. And most of the time they are made by people as a hobby. Not as part of their day job. Where do they find the time?

Ghost Buster Mobile
The ghostbusters were at this convention in full force. Their costumes were wonderful, and one guy made a slime machine using a snowmaker! He's a genius. But I really wanted a picture of their vehicle.

Does anyone else enjoy conventions as much as I do?


  1. Never been to a convention like that but I know my husband and son would love it! A house in the next town from me had a Ghostbusters car sitting in their side yard forever. It looked like the original one but I never did find out if it was or not!

  2. My daughters and I have been attending anime conventions around the US (and even one in Canada) since 2002. It's now down to just one of my daughters going and we have cut down on the longer distance conventions, but we are doing more local events, including comic events and conventions. I used to make costumes for us all and now the one daughter who still goes with me is making her own - she also sells her art, manga, and novels at many of the conventions. My oldest has become more involved in gaming conventions and was going with her fiance - now that they broke up she still goes, but not as much. Oh, and in fact, my oldest has a car sitting in our garage - waiting on her getting the rest of the parts she needs to finish the restoration. It's a 1986 Toyota Corolla hatchback, which was known as an AE-86 in Japan and the main car in the anime series Initial D. My youngest had a Mazda RX-7 FC, which was another one of the main cars in the series, but her boyfriend/husband made her get rid of it. Now that they aren't together, she's trying to save up to get another one. I can't wait until the "Hachi" (the AE-86 is done). She might have to hold of on the stabilizer bar she needs to use it for drifting, since that's going to cost a lot, but she can get the car drivable in the meantime and add the bar later so she can learn to drift in it.

  3. I have never been to such an event, in fact only seen them on the telly

  4. Hi there, thanks for dropping in on my blog.

    I've never been to one of those conventions but I know both my kids would have loved it. It's amazing what people can do. You're right, where do they find the time?

    Have a great week, Kelly.