Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gardening Tips By Mister Picky Pants

Gardening season has begun, and I am quite happy. This has provided me with the opportunity to spend quality time with my pet human. She really does enjoy gardening. And I have found that I enjoy it too. So I have a few gardening tips for the feline readers.

Stay Under Foot

It is always good to stay close to your human while they are gardening. You will find that they do a lot of bending and stooping so there are many opportunities for petting. 

Roll Around On The Ground

You will find that humans make many piles of dirt and and leaves while they are working in the garden. You can bond quite well with your pet human by simply rolling around in the pile of dirt they have just dug up. 


While your human is working at pulling weeds feel free to nibble on some grass. You are more than likely to get a loving glance thrown your way.


We all know that gardens do take some love and care. Make sure that you help your pet out by digging up a spot of your own and fertilizing the seeds that were just planted. This will surely provide you with some loving words.

Please fellow felines let me know if you have taken up gardening as a hobby this year?

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