Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How I Became an Eisenfunk Fan

It all started one Sunday night when I just didn't want to go to bed. I didn't want my day off to end. I can think of anything to do when I need to either be cleaning or my day off is coming to an end. So that night I began watching videos.

For some reason Schoolhouse Rock was my choice that night. I needed a reminder about The Preamble. Why I needed to know this I don't know, but I did need it that night.

The sidebar began to suggest Animaniacs videos. So I thought a little geography lesson might be a good to brush up on. That tune is so catchy, and it always makes me want to travel.

And that made me think of Bento Boxes. Minions Bento Boxes if you want to be specific. So I watched how to make one. Don't be surprised if you see a post on something like this.

Since I kind of had this cartoon theme going, I went with it. Goth cartoons were what I needed. That would be fun. But I wanted something different than I usually watch. Do a search and you will find When Genevieve Ruled The World. It's an interesting and a little dark tale about what happens when a three year old ruled the world. The thought is a little scary isn't it!

And the viewing recommendations led me on a wild journey where I found a band called Eisenfunk. I found the song Pong by Eisenfunk. Does this sound have great lyrics. Um, well if you consider Let us play pong repeated over and over great, then yes it does. But I love how it brings that ancient video game Pong back and it reminded me of the hours I spent playing the game. Oh, yeah, and I love that industrial feel it has too!

So now you know what an evening just cruising around youtube can bring into your life. It's always an adventure.


  1. My husband recently broke my favorite minions glass. Bummer. Thanks for the blog visit!

  2. Just dropped by to say Hi, so Hi, I will be back later like at your next post