Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday's Motivators

Monday's are challenging  days for me. I have to return to work after a day off. But there are things that motivate me. I think about all the great things that have happened throughout the week, and I remind myself that this week is going to present some really great moments.

Working in the Yard

Yes, I love my garden, but as I have stated before it has taken a beating over the past few years. There are bushes that have grown in there that don't belong there. There are mini trees that I just don't want there. And of course there are all of those leaves that I always complain about. If you read my post Daffodil Days, you can see some of the spring flowers. Yes, soon there will be flowers everywhere. But this week I spent time gathering up more leaves. I'm telling you it is never ending with those things. I dug up a couple of the bushes that have gone crazy, and that were never meant to be there. And of course putting out some wildflower seeds. It just felt good to get see some progress, and know that I have gotten some things out of there that didn't belong.


Last week I was on vacation. I spent a lot of time running around doing loads of things, And I ate out a lot. But this week I got to spend some time cooking at home. I love to good. There is nothing better than a good home made meal. And of course cooking is an art that gives you a big payout. You get to eat what you made. The Italian Sausage Stuffed Red Peppers I made were wonderful. 

Marvelous Finds

My friend Laura and I went thrift shopping last week. It was half off day. You know we had to go. It was fun going through all of the items I purchased. I got some pretty good stuff for a lot less than I would have paid for it through the regular stores. And I don't feel guilty about buying items made in China that way.


Whenever I finish watching a series on Netflix, there always seems to be another great show or movie that I find to watch. It doesn't even matter what type of mood I'm in. I absolutely loved Soaked In Bleach. It's all about Kurt Cobain. The anniversary of his death is coming up soon. It was a sad day for the music world.

Stormfall Age of Wars

There is a way to waste loads of time each day. And I always seem to find that way. My current time waster is this game. But it's so much fun. If any of you like playing online games drop me a line, and I'll send you an invite. It's loads of fun building your castle and army.

Confetti Eggs

Are these the funnest thing ever invented or what? And the look on my friend Ian's face when I smashed one on his head was priceless. He wasn't expecting that.

What has made your Easter week special?


  1. I have times when motivation and me are not on friendly terms at times, when this happens finding motivation to do things just isn't going to happen.

  2. The confetti eggs are hilarious! And that is why this great post is being featured on my blog today as part of Tuesdays with a Twist blog hop:
    Thanks again!