Sunday, March 13, 2016

Royal Rose Hydrating Sereum

I was recently fortunate to receive a free sample of Royal Rose Hydrating System from Valentia in exchange for an honest review. Here’s what I think of this product.

First, when I received my hydrating solution through the mail. The product was packed well so it wasn’t damaged. There were no disappointments when I opened that box. I really liked the packaging of the serum. The box is fairly simple with a white background gold trim and a couple of roses on the box. It looks nice.

Valentia has packaged this in a 1.18 fl oz jar with a pump to dispense the serum. I pumped a little onto my finger tip and it does have a slight rosy scent. I really like that.

It’s no wonder that it smells like roses, it does contain Rose Damascena oil which is fabulous for your skin. It also contains Vitamin B, Rosehip Oil, Primrose Oil, Bearberry and Lavender. It’s packed full of skin nourishers.

It was now time to try it on my skin. I spread it over my skin. It felt smooth and moist. It didn’t leave an oily feeing that many moisturizers leave behind. The product is best used under another crème. It’s the first layer. But it does make your skin look wonderful.

The one complaint I have with this serum is not actually with the product. The instructions that come along with the product are written in a microscopic print. I’m sure many of the individuals who are using this product are beginning to age. Small print is difficult to read. Make the print a little larger.

I have tried a couple of other products by Valentia and I was pleased with them. But this is my favorite product that I have tried so far. I liked how rich this made my skin feel. So I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a product that will add a healthy glow to their skin.

You can visit Valentia to learn more about their other products.

Disclaimer: Like I stated at the beginning of this review I did receive a free sample of this product to review, but the opinions are all mine.

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