Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Glimmer Girls

Natalie Grant has developed a series of books for young girls. The series is called The Glimmer Girls. And I was fortunate to receive the first two books in the series from the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Glimmer Girls

The Story

The story begins with the Glimmer family going to London. The story revolves around Mia, Maddie and Lulu. Their mother is a performer named Gloria Glitter so the children travel with their mother. The girls spend their days exploring the city with their nanny. Their exploring takes them to the art museums of London. And the girls notice that something is wrong during their visit. Maddie sees someone steal a painting. But she can't get anyone to believe her. The story moves through the girls solving the mystery of who stole the painting.

The Story

In this book the Glimmer Girls go with their mother to San Diego. And there Mia finds that someone is setting the animals at Watery World are being set free from their habitats. It sounds great, but the problem is the animals at the park really need the help of the keepers. Mia loves the dolphins and believes she needs to help. But once again the girls find that it is more difficult to help than they thought. 

What I Think

I really liked these books. The girls were full of life, and really did seek out adventure. They each have their distinct personality. And their parents understand that each child has their own unique talents that will develop with time. These girls are all smart, and they are not afraid o explore the world around them. The books also teach readers about the different places the girls visit. And I like that the girls are problem solvers. The girls also go after what they want. And they learn lessons from the mistakes they make.

The one thing I didn't like about these books is that the Glimmer Girls live in a world that most girls don't. They are able to travel, and visit places that many children don't normally get to visit. They attend concerts and they live a glamorized life. That's not really realistic, but hey everybody needs something to dream about don't they?

Who Should Read This Book

This book is great for those tween girls. It has strong young girls as the main characters. It touches on many of the problems that girls face. They face problems of how to get people to listen to them. They are trying to figure out what they are good at. And of course those sibling relationships. Parents of tween girls might find this series interesting too. It does show how to support this age group in a positive way. And of course fans of young adult literature may find these books interesting too.

Another great book for children

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