Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Great Garbage Caper

I hate to admit it, but I had a garbage mishap the other day. Anyone who has spent much time with me knows that my favorite thing in the world other than catnip is tuna. I can't get enough of it. I will do pretty much anything for it.

That willingness to actively seek out tuna is exactly what got me into trouble this week. You see my pet human decided it would be good to open a pouch of tuna. I immediately ran to the kitchen. I must be present when there is tuna involved.

My good and faithful pet human does know that she must provide me with some of the tuna when the packet is open. That day she was a little stingy. They were just small bites. Not nearly enough for a fellow like me. I announced this to her, but she didn't listen. In fact she told me I had enough. Fellow felines imagine an announcement like this. Imagine a cat getting enough tuna. It is laughable!

So my human took her meal to the other room. This was my opportunity. I smelled the delightful aroma of fish in the garbage bag. And I thought I would teach the human a lesson. I would take a play from the canine world. I would dig the packet out of the trash. I made my decision, and delved into the bag.

It was a small bag that my human brings home from the grocery store. No problem for me though, I could manage it. I put my head in the bag, and I found that beloved packet. I started to pull it out. But it did not go as smoothly as I planned. I found that there was something around my head. I tried to get free. I moved through the kitchen. This bag would not set me free. I admit I panicked I ran through the house to find my pet.

The human saw me and she laughed. My pride was injured. I am not meant to be an object of ridicule. How would I survive this bag attached to my body and laughter all in one day?

Finally, the human took pity on me, and she removed the bag. I received a lecture as she picked up all the trash that I spread throughout the house. I don't believe I deserved this personally, so I did what all felines do when humans try to tell us how to behave. I walked away and ignored her.

I do hope that this human has learned her lesson though. I know that she now understands just how important tuna is to me.

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