Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You Saw That Didn't You

I was watching Sailor Moon the other day. And there was this scene where Sailor Moon and her friend see a bus disappear into a black void. They both immediately said "You saw that didn't you?"

When I heard this, I was reminded of the time I was sitting with a friend down in the Keys. We were waiting outside the grocery store for a cab to pick us up. We were sitting on the curb talking. As my friend was talking to me I saw a car, and things just didn't seem right. The inside of that car seemed a little hazy. More like it was smoky. I knew there was something wrong here.

I asked my friend is that car on fire? His reply no it's just the way the sunlight is hitting the car windows that makes it look smoky. It didn't sound right, but I went along with it. I sat and watched the car a little longer while my friend continued talking. I saw just a little bit of orange in the car. I interrupted my friend, and said I really think that car might be on fire. He looked over and yelled that car is on fire!

That incident has always stuck with me. The problem I had that day was I didn't trust myself. I knew that there was a serious problem with that car, but I didn't believe that I was right. So I had to ask someone else to confirm what I already knew.

Sometimes it's nice to have someone else tell you they saw what you saw. But there are times when that can lead to trouble. And sometimes it can even make you unhappy!

Sometimes when you know your right. You might just be better off to trust your instincts and go with what you know is right. Sometimes you just might not want to ask you saw that didn't you?

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