Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Day Fishing

Memory is a tricky thing. It is something that puts pictures of an incident, and that is how we believe that it has occurred. Sometimes it is how things occurred, but sometimes we remember things a little different than they actually happened. There are some little details that our memory may leave out.

But today, I am going to talk about a good memory. April was the month of my father's birthday, and that always gets us thinking about people. And I have been thinking about him the past couple of days. In fact, I have been thinking about one thing in particular. My dad loved to fish.

And so it probably isn't surprising that one of my favorite memories of my dad is going fishing with him. It was a day in Northern Minnesota. It was bright and sunny and warm. It's not always warm up there. My dad and I jumped in that brown station wagon.

We drove past the houses in our neighborhood out into the countryside. There were trees everywhere. Those white birch trees that are so common in the north. We listened to the radio, and we sang. Time flew by, and soon we arrived at the fishing spot.

I jumped out of the station wagon. We pulled that fishing pole of dad's out. Then there was the tackle box. And then I was able to grab my new fishing pole. It was one of those cheap plastic poles for children. It was white and not as big as the fishing pole dad had. And there was a bonus, I already had a fish. Yes, it was a cheap fishing pole, but it was mine.

We walked down the steps to the lake. The sun was shining on the lake, and the fish were waiting for us. We were finally at the lakeside, and we baited those fishing poles. The lines were thrown into the water with the neat little plunk sound that they make as they land in the water.

Then the hard part began the waiting. Finally, dad's line had a bite. And he began to reel it in. The line came across the water with the fish attached. As he pulled it in he said it was a sun fish. Not the biggest catch in the world, but hey it was a fish.

The day drew to an end, and it was time to go home. We caught a total of two fish that day. The sun fish, and my plastic orange fish that came with my pole. The fishing was that great that day. But at least we had caught something.

As an adult I don't like fishing. I haven't been fishing in years. So at first I thought it was strange that I would spend so much time thinking about that day recently. There was nothing extremely exciting or funny that happened that day. It was just an ordinary day of fishing. But then again it wasn't an ordinary day, I got to spend time alone with my father sharing an experience that he truly enjoyed. And maybe that is why I remember it so well.

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