Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I Didn't Really Want To

A couple of years ago I was contacted by the Choose to Be Nice Campaign. It's a campaign that has the sole purpose of spreading kindness. 

I recently visited the site again, and I thought to myself am I choosing to be nice? Yes, I thought I am a nice person. It comes easy to me. Or does it? There are those individuals it is just easier to be nice to than others. Was I being nice to the individuals who aren't so nice? The ones I really don't want to be overly nice to. I had to admit that there was one person that I struggle with being nice to.

So my challenge for the day was to think of a way that I could be nice to this person, that I like but don't like at the same time. 

It was a challenge. So I came up with a plan. It was simple the individual I that I had difficulty being nice to is a co-worker. She was going on vacation that week. She always had to stay and close the office. My plan was to offer to trade our work schedules the day before her vacation began. That way she could get off work an hour earlier than normal. Her vacation could begin early.

So I made my offer. She thanked me but she wasn't sure. She had an appointment that day and wasn't able to come in early. But she really appreciated it. She told me that most people wouldn't make the offer. 

It was all good, I set out to do meet the challenge, and I did! Hurray, for me! I felt good about meeting the challenge. And I had made an effort to make a relationship that I struggle with work a little better. That's a success.

What I forgot about doing something nice that takes a little effort was there is often a trickle down reward. I got the reward on Saturday. I was assigned the most dreaded task of the office that day. I have Friday's off so when I have this task assigned to me on Saturday it is even worse. I can't prepare for the next day. And there are a couple of things you should do ahead of time to make it run smoother. One of my co-workers did the extras for me on my day off. I was so happy when I found this on Saturday morning.

Now would this have been done without my extra effort earlier in the week? Maybe it would have. Maybe it wouldn't have been. I don't know for sure. But I know that most times it isn't completed before I get there on Saturdays. So I'm leaning toward probably not. I think that the little extra niceness earlier in the week paid off later in the week.

I guess my point is sometimes we get a bigger reward for treating people the way we want to be treated. And sometimes we don't. But you never know when doing something we don't really want to will give you one of those pay offs that makes your life a little easier.

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  1. I try to be nice, it comes easy for me too but that said I have a neighbour who is a right bitch and being nice to her is not something that comes easy I am not nasty to her she is the nasty one but I don't think I am as nice to her as I am to others