Friday, April 8, 2016

InstaNatural Thermal Protector Hair Spray Review

If you are like me winter is hard on your hair, and by the time spring arrives it is dry. In fact it gets so dry that I am afraid to blow dry my hair. But I recently received InstaNatural Thermal Protector Hair Spray to review. Will this product be able to help my poor dry hair?

The Product

This hair spray contains Argan Oil, At this point in time we all know how wonderful this is for your hair. It's one of the things that drew me to the product. It also contains vitamin B5, Castor Oil, and Sunflower Oil. All of these products are used in salons to create richer fuller hair. And the product claims to reverse hair damage so that your hair looks richer and healthier. It sounds like a really great product. And the price isn't outrageous. It sells for 13.95 on Amazon. But does it live up to its hype?

What I Think

When I received the product it was shrink wrapped in plastic. Not so good for the environment, but there was leakage. In fact it was wrapped so tight there was a little challenge opening the package. But I did succeed. It comes with a spray pump. And I really liked that it had a button that allowed for spraying. How many times have I picked up a spray bottle and accidentally sprayed it? More than I can remember. So the packaging was great.

Next I sprayed some of the product onto my hair. It smelled great! It wasn't a familiar scent, but it was a great one. I ran my fingers through my hair to assure that it went through my hair thoroughly. As I did I noticed that it did make my hair feel softer. I ran the blow drier. Would my hair look dried out and wild after I used it. No, my hair didn't have that over done look that it often does after using the blow drier. I was pleased.

I really liked the way my hair felt after I used this product. I didn't have problems with my hair looking dry. The product claims that you can use it on dry hair. All you have to spray it on. I wonder how well it will help with the damage that occur to your hair if you spend time in the sun during the summer? I'm planning on trying it. And so far I'm pleased with this product.

What I Didn't Like

I looked up some of the ingredients on the package and it does contain polysorbate 20. Some people say it's safe and some people say it isn't. I guess it depends on much of it you use. But overall, the jury is still out on it. 


Overall, I am pleased with this product. And as I stated I like it well enough to see how well it works on my hair over time.


I did receive this product free in exchange for a review, but the opinions stated are all mine.

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