Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mr. Picky Pants Throws a Party

There are those who believe that cats are not social creatures. There are those who believe that we do not entertain. But we felines can throw a wild party. My quest to throw a party that the felines in the neighborhood would remember is the source of my most current difficulties in my relationship with my pet human.

A couple of weeks ago I sent out invites to my feline friends that looked something like this.
I informed them that there would be a party on my home turf, and I would like for all of them to come. There would be feasting, catnip, and tom foolery galore. I was excited. And my friends were excite too! 

I have spent some time gardening with my pet recently. (Here are some of my gardening tips if you would like to read them Gardening Tips By Mr. Picky Pants) While we have spent time gardening, I have had the opportunity to check out the garage. It is a wonderful place that is worthy of hours of exploration. I decided this is where I would throw my party.

The day came and my friends arrived. I introduced them to our party pad. It was a grand time. We dined. We explored. We were mighty felines.

The problem began the day after my party. Anyone who has thrown a party knows that there are always a few lingerers who hang past the expiration date of a party. My pet human came out of that big house, and there were a couple of my friends still there. She had the nerve to say why are there so many cats here? I really do wonder about the human species at times.

Then she looked over toward the garage. We left the door open. It was a mistake. She went over to close the door. And she looked in the garage. I admit it was quite a mess. There were cans everywhere. We did have a really great party, and I didn't have time to clean up yet. So my pet human was a little upset when she saw the state of the place. I tried to sooth her, by rubbing against her leg. I wanted to reassure her that everything would be alright. But then that orange cat in the neighborhood decided to come out of the place he had past out in and knocked over more cans. He is a bit dense! And always picks the worst times to do things. Needless to say my efforts at soothing my pet were unsuccessful.

I have explained to my fellow felines in the neighborhood that we shall have more parties in that wonderful party shack. And all of them have informed me that they will attend again. But I am still unsure if I will invite the orange cat again. He really does need to get his feline timing down.

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  1. Well what can on say, parties are all fun and such till someone gets falling down drunk and falls down, although when cats get drunk having four legs means they don't fall down as much as humans do with our two legs