Friday, April 29, 2016

Murder On Safari

Sometimes adventure seekers bite off a little more than they can chew. That's the case in the book Murder On Safari by Peter Riva.

The Story

Mbuno and Pero have worked together in Africa for years. Safari's and adventure are their livelihoods. But this time it's going to be a bigger adventure than just looking at the animals. This time there is the added twist of a terrorist plot. And of course there is Pero's side job of being a courier for the US Department of State. 

What I Liked About This Book

The first thing I liked about this book is that it is smart. Riva did his research. Reading the book is like a visit to Africa. His descriptions make it seem alive. And he weaves in information about the politics of the region. The book is well written. And I really like this. 

I also loved the descriptions of Africa itself. It's a place I've always wanted to see, but at this point haven't been able to see. So his descriptions took me on a trip to a place I've always wanted to visit.

The story is interesting and full of adventure. There is action and while you know that it will end well there are times when you wonder what is going to happen.

Who Should Read This Book

Fans of thrillers will enjoy this book. There is a lot of action in the book. Pero is an intreesting character with a job that many of us dream about. I mean who wouldn't want to be a wildlife television producer. Also individuals who are interested in travel may enjoy this book. Like I said earlier Riva does provide great descriptions of the land. And then if you enjoy book involving the intrigue of the spy world this one may be for you. And if you have a dad who is a fan of reading the thriller genre this book might be one that you want to add to your Father's Day List.

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The Details

Yes, I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but the opinions are all mine.

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