Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Playing The Part

Sometimes people aren't what they appear to be. We see how they act and we assume things. Things that we shouldn't. In fact we may judge a person all wrong. That's exactly what happens in the book Playing The Part.

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The Story

What happens when a fan of actress Lucetta Plum gets a little to obsessed with her? Lucetta has to go into hiding. But where do you go to hide? Her friend and fan offers to send her off to her grandson's estate. And there Lucetta meets an slightly eccentric Bram who has a few interesting secrets. 

As the story unfolds Lucetta and Bram find themselves in some odd situations that draw them closer to each other. And Lucetta finds out Bram's big secret. And it is a shocker!

The story is set in post Civil War New York City. And there is all the drama that goes along with the high society of that time.

What I Think of the Book

This book was fun to read. The situations that Lucetta and Bram find themselves in are often humorous. And it makes for great entertainment. I also liked that Bram had a big secret that is a big surprise to his entire family. Lucetta is also an extremely intelligent main character. And I really like that the story revolves around fandom gone mad. It kind of reflects the celebrity centered society we currently have. 

Who Might Enjoy This Book

Fans of romance will enjoy this book. This is a love story through and through. And those who enjoy historical fiction may also like this book. It shows what life was like for a portion of society after the Civil War. And then individuals who enjoy a little mystery thrown in with their romance novels will definitely enjoy this. There is the mystery of who Bram really is. And then there is the adventure that Lucetta finds herself going through with her crazed fan.

Overall, this is an entertaining book. It keeps the reader engages, and the characters are a little on the quirky side.


I did receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but I told you what I really though of this book.

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