Monday, April 25, 2016

Reaching Angelica

I was really excited when I got the opportunity to review the book Reaching Angelica by Peter Riva. I read the first book in the Tag series and I enjoyed it. (Read my review of The Path.)

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The Story

The story picks up  with Simon venturing to Alpha Centuri B. He is continuing his assistance with the new computer systems that have become a new life form. He finds himself assisting them along The Path. And he gets some assistance from a telepathic dog named Zippy. Simon finds that he must assist with finding some of the secrets of the universe even though he really doesn't want to. And if he doesn't get things right the universe may be at risk.

What I Liked 

I really liked that this book is pure science fiction. It is based in science. And the scenario of a computer turning into a new life form isn't as far fetched as we all might think. We are teaching them to think aren't we? And we are more an more reliant on them. I like that this book makes you think about what is going on in the world of science. And have we thought about the consequences of some of these developments. 

I also like that Simon isn't an obvious hero. He's an ordinary guy, who is kind  of pushed into doing the right thing. 

Who Should Read This Book

If you are looking for a real science fiction book to read this book is for you. I do recommend that you read the first book in the Tag series first. It will just help you understand the story better. There is action in this book. If you are interested in what might happen with all of the advances in technology you probably will like this book too. The book is well written, and it is an interesting read. The characters are interesting. I really do recommend this book to individuals who like science.


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I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for a review, but the opinions are all mine.

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  1. Another intelligent and enticing review, thank you Heidi!