Friday, April 1, 2016

The Call Of The Wild

Yes, I have to admit I am a bit of a lazy feline. But occasionally the call of the wild takes over. It is spring in case you all have not noticed. And it is finally warm out as my pet human keeps stating. And when it gets warm out I do want to go out myself. 

It is only natural for a feline to want to run free. We are free thinkers and seeing the world is part of our nature.

Today I saw my chance. While Mr. Picky Pants was getting his food, there was a crack in the doorway. I made my escape. The grass was wet. The air smelled heavenly. And there were those birds singing. I looked up at the sky. And it was glorious.

I was strolling through the wet grass when I heard footsteps. I started moving away a little because I knew those footsteps. They belonged to my pet human. She wasn't talking to me in the sweet manner I adore. In fact, she was being a little rude. I should have ran. But I didn't. And soon there was a hand underneath my belly. And I was moving through the air. 

My freedom was over. I was being carried back into the house. This is the greatest shame for most felines. I did endure it, and I will forgive my pet this time. But I am planning my next escape because I am still hearing the call of the wild.

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