Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Party Guest That Doesn't Leave

I, Mr. Picky Pants, recently threw a part for the neighborhood felines. You can read all about this in my post Mr. Picky Pants Throws a Party. This party was a great success. In fact, it might have been a little to successful.

You see I have a party guest who hasn't left the party yet. He has moved into my territory. He is taking every opportunity to get into my garage, eat my food, and of course develop a relationship with my pet human.

I can live with the first two. There is plenty of room in this yard for the two of us. He isn't a bad little fellow. He doesn't take up make room. And there are still plenty of birds for us to pounce on. I'll admit he is a little pushy. Especially when the food bowl is filled, he has the habit of just pushing his way forward.

I do understand that he is hungry and I am willing to share. But he does need to share. He is not the only one here. And this is how he has tried to develop a relationship with my pet human. You see my pet human named this little party guest. She has named him Sir Pusheshalot. I do agree that the name fits the little feline. But seriously, naming a feline is a rather personal thing. I am the cat in the yard with a name. Since I have a name I thought our relationship was special. But with the naming of this party guest I have realized that our relationship may not be that special. I am a little jealous of this little fellow.

I am trying to decide exactly how to deal with this little squatter. Do I try to chase him off, or do I learn to live with the newly dubbed Sir Pushesalot! Felines of the world please provide me with some advice on how to handle him.

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  1. Oh my trying to take over your pet human that is too much but just know you will always be special to your human Sir Pusheshlot does sound like the right name though

  2. That is a difficult predicament to be in ...did you invite the little party stay puter or did he just crash the affair? It all comes down to how much he eats and how much attention he takes away from you. ☺