Monday, April 4, 2016

This Morning I Saw

This morning I woke as usual. I stumbled out of the bedroom. I thought to myself why didn't I pick up that little bit of clutter last night? I had the time.  I must do it today. I saw clothes lying in a pile that needed washed I picked them up so they could be washed. I carried them to the machine. I saw the detergent bottle and opened it. I poured it into the water that was pouring into the machine. I noticed the odd shade of blue. And then there were the suds.

I walked back up the stairs. I looked out the window, and I saw the thermometer. It said it was 30 degrees. How could that be it was so warm just a couple of days ago. I looked through the fridge, and saw that I needed to clean out a few things. That leafy spinach had turned a darker shade of green than it was originally. That bag had to go into the trash. The trash bag was full.

I picked up the bag of trash and walked outside. The grass was a little wet. It was a little crunchy as I stepped out. I saw a little bit of ice on each piece. I looked up at the tulips I have enjoyed so much. They were bent over. It was like they were bowing to someone or something. As I walked past the tulips. I saw the daffodils were also bowing. It felt strange.

I opened the trash can and put the trash in on top of the brown leaves. I thought to myself as I walked back into the house you never really know what each morning will bring do you?

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  1. Those poor flowers! I'm just glad I'm not melting here in Florida...YET! Thanks for sharing your post at the Over the Moon Link Party.