Monday, April 25, 2016

Tree Blossoms

Last Sunday was a beautiful spring day here in Indiana. I decided that I really did need to do something other than hang around the house. And I did. I went to brunch with my fellow Geek Girls. It was a fun time! I got to spend time talking about upcoming movies, comic books, and of course Anime. That is the perfect morning right?

After I ran to the store for those groceries I needed. I decided to stop at the park on the way home. I realized that I probably should have gone to the park first, but I never do anything in the right order it seems. And there was nothing that I picked up at the store that had to be refrigerated immediately. So off I went.

I'm really glad that I stopped by the park. The tulips are all blooming. And my faithful followers know how much I love the tulips. And well there was a bonus. The trees were blooming. It smelled heavenly. 

And there was a big bonus. I actually remembered to take my camera with me. So I was able to take some pictures of the time I spent at the park.

Here they are. Let me know which picture you like best!

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