Monday, April 4, 2016

Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of Valentia Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum in exchange for an honest review.

The Product

This serum claims that it will leave your skin feeling more hydrated and more resilient to future damage. It says that it supports circulation and reoxygenation. It contains several ingredients that are great for your skin. They include seaweed, licorice and Argan oil. Does it do what it says it will is the real test though?

The Test

I opened the white box with gold trim. I pulled out the little brown bottle with a white label. I pulled off the cap and there was a pump. I pushed the pump and a little bit came out onto my finger tip. I noticed the scent of fruit. It reminded me of citrus, but I didn’t remember seeing anything related to citrus. I looked at the instructions the print was small. I could barely read it. But I was able to go to figure out that you put a little on your finger tip and spread it over clean skin.

The instructions stated that it should be used at night after you wash your face. So that night I put the serum on.  It felt cool, and my skin felt moist. Not the oily moist you get with some skin care products. But it was that feeling you get when the lotion you put on is absorbed into your skin. It feels softer and cleaner.

What I Think

I really like the way this product felt on my skin. I liked that it is a product that increases circulation. I also liked that I immediately felt like my skin was moister in a healthy way. I like that you can pair it with the skin care products of your choice. I followed the recommendations and followed it up with a moisturizer. My skin really did feel great. Time will tell if it will minimize fine lines though.
I plan to continue using the serum to see how well it will work.

The one complaint I have about this product is that the instructions were hard for me to read. But I was able to make them out. The print was just too small. Later I visited the website and I was glad that I had read the instructions on the box correctly.

You can learn more about Valentia's Products through these sites

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