Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Defining Your Success

Society tells us that in order to be considered successful we must own a big house. You need to have the perfect job. And of course you need to have a perfect family. But most individuals struggle with this definition of success. And most individuals find that they are happier if they begin defining what success means for themselves instead of following the pattern society has set for them.

In the past I have tried following what others say is successful. I have tried to maintain a job that others thought was important, but in reality these jobs just weren't me. And they often didn't fit my personality. I have had positions where I have supervised individuals. I have never been really happy doing that. Recently, I was asked if that is something I would be interested in doing. I started to say yes. We all know that we should take advantage of opportunities. But something inside of me told me to wait a second before I answered. 

As I thought I had to ask myself a couple of questions. Am I truly comfortable telling other people what to do? Honestly, I don't like doing that. Do I like pointing out people's mistakes? Um, no, I really prefer showing individuals what they have done right instead of the wrongs. And lastly, do I want to spend more time at my job or do I want more free time? No, at this point in my life I value the free time more than the money that comes with the extra responsibilities at my job.

I told myself that I had to be honest and answer no. I don't want to supervise individuals. That isn't what success means to me at this point in time.

I had to ask myself a few other things. Does success come with extra money? No, not in this situation. I felt as though I just wouldn't be happy doing what I had to do in order to get the money. 

How do all of you define your success?


  1. What a wonderful quote!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. I don't have a high paying job, I don't own my own house, I rent and it is not a big house my landlord is the state government but my life is a success and I am happy with my life