Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I Just Can't Part With That

Most of us have been participating in the annual ritual called spring cleaning. If you are like me there is an item that you look at each year, and think to yourself  I should get rid of that. But that you groan inwardly and tell yourself I just can't part with that. Every year I look on the shelf at the music box in the picture below. And I just can't make myself get rid of it.

It's cute, and I do love cats. But it has seen better days. I just can't get all of the dust of the cats head. I should probably make room for something else and send it to the thrift store. But I know that if I were to give this away. It would be put on a shelf with a low price tag. They would not see the true value of the music box.

You see this was a present from my sister when I was a teenager. I know that was a long time ago. My sister had the knack of picking an inexpensive gift for someone that they would always have trouble parting with. She just knew what a person would love. I mean that is a true talent. So many individuals struggle with knowing what a person will like. But she could go to a store and look at an item. She would say I bet so and so would like that. And you know what they always did.

It's one of those things that I really miss about my sister. She cared enough about each person she purchased a gift for to actually think about what it is that they really like. So even though this little music box has seen better days I think I'll just keep her a little while longer.

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