Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Issue Of The Day

Today I have a very important issue to talk about. It is not the presidential election. It is not the issues revolving around the economy. It is an issue near and dear to every person who works an alternate work schedule. The issue is sleep.

Yes, everyone who has worked an evening or night shift has fought the battle to get enough sleep. Everyone around us complains when they have difficulty sleeping one night. But the night shifters of the world just roll our eyes when we hear these complaints. We nod and say it's awful, but we secretly say to ourselves try sleeping during the day.

People who work nights all try to be polite to those of you who work during the day. We don't drop by to visit when we get off work. We don't call you in the middle of the night while we are at our lunch breaks. There is one reason for this we know that you are enjoying a good nights sleep.

But is this respect for the rest of the world returned to us? No, it is not! And today was a perfect example of this.

My faithful followers who read my post yesterday on Wake Up Wednesday know that I was excited that I was having someone come and help me rid my attic of its tenants. And that is the problem. The man from Critter Control set an appointment for 10 am. I thought to myself that will allow me to sleep a little, and I would get up in time for the man to set the traps for the raccoon that has moved in.

But for some reason the man who was setting the traps showed up an hour and a half early. When he rang the door bell I asked him didn't we decide on 10. He replied yeah we did, but I was in the area so I just came over. I asked him didn't I say I worked nights. He replied yes, did I wake you up? Um, yeah, you did! Well I'll hurry so you can get back to sleep.

Anyone who has been woken up in the middle of the night knows that it can be challenging to get back to sleep when it is dark. Try doing it when it is light out. It's almost impossible after you have had a couple hours of sleep. And so I was not able to get back to sleep.

The point of this is if there is a person in you life who works nights please be courteous to them. Remember they are working against nature when they go to sleep during the day. Individuals who work nights are courteous to you each and every day. So return the favor to them.

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