Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Summer Wish List

Summer is sort of here. It's not official yet. But the days are longer and the heat outside has finally been turned on. So here are a few of the things that I would really love to have this summer.

The first thing I am wishing for is this top. It's got a cat on it so how could I not want it?
I have a ton of bushes in my yard. I am wishing for a cordless hedge trimmer. I don't know how many extension cords I have cut up with the one I owned previously. I think a cordless one would be a lot easier.
Coldplay is coming to Chicago this summer. I would love tickets to see that show. 
The geek in me wants a new game to play. The Dark Eye is a game that has been around a long time. But they are coming out with an English version. I'd love to see what it is like.

Frida Kahlo was such an interesting person with a unique style. I love that about her. And I really would love this pin.
So you've seen a little of my wishlist for this summer, what's on your summer wishlist?

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