Sunday, May 8, 2016

Take Time To Smell the Flowers

One of the great things about spring is those wonderful warm days that begin to occur. At first they are sporadic. Then they occur more and more often. The flowers are blooming. And everything smells delightful. The other day I went to the part armed with a camera.

As I walked along a young man in shorts and a bright pink shirt walked towards me. He had a lot of energy and a big smile on his face. When he was close to me, he stated I just have to stop and smell everything. It all smells wonderful. And then he asked isn't life beautiful?

In all honesty this was one of the greatest interactions I've had in a long time. It made me feel really good that someone was truly enjoying life. And that there was someone who recognized that there the beauty is all around. And it was even better that he was willing to share his observations with a complete stranger.

Hopefully, all of you will have time to stop and smell the flowers this week.

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