Monday, May 2, 2016

The Month Ahead

The past couple of months I have not done well at setting goals for myself. But this month I am going to get on track. And well some things are going to get done. There were a couple of months that I just wasn't accomplishing my goals for some reason or another. Mostly the twists an turns of life were the cause. And well it always makes me feel a little depressed when I don't get the things I want to accomplish finished. But once again it is a new month. And I feel a need to lay out some direction in my life.

Goals for May


I finally have the money together to get the plumbing repaired in my house. Yes, I will set the appointment for the plumber to come. And yes, this month the kitchen sink will become operational again.

Get The Car Title

I actually got the car title for the car I was going to sell. I really need to get it to the friend who is buying the car. I don't understand how I could have put something so important someplace safe in the house. And then completely forget where that important place was. It will be taken care of this month.


Over the winter I got really lazy. I often not been exercising at all. I have turned into a slug. And then of course I got out a pair of pants that are for summer. And I didn't like the way they fit. It's time to get my butt off the couch.

Clean The Porch

Somehow the front porch has become a storing place over the past few years. I have a great screened in front porch. I am going to clean it out so that I can sit out on my front porch and enjoy the sunshine this spring and summer.

Set Up a Calendar for My Blog

I am really fortunate that people are contacting me to review their books. But I have not organized that whole part of my blog planning well. I am constantly double checking emails to see when I need to post items. This month I want to set up a calendar so that I can just check it out at a glance. I think it will make my life much easier. Does anybody have any suggestions?

So what do you want to accomplish in the month ahead?

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  1. Those who set goals and achieve them are amazing because I suck at such things