Thursday, May 26, 2016

Three Ideas for Fun Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Three Ideas for Fun Mother's Day Gift Baskets

When Mother's Day arrives, you want to treat mom to one of the best gifts. While some kids take their mothers out for dinner, buy them flowers or purchase something a little more expensive, others know that gift baskets are perfect for hard to shop for moms. Your mom might tell you not to worry about getting her a gift or claim that she doesn't need anything, which will leave you frustrated and maybe even annoyed. If you're at a loss as to what to get her this year, check out some fun gift basket ideas.

Spa Baskets

Moms who love getting pampered at the spa will love a gift basket that lets them pamper themselves at home. Look for products that your mom will appreciate and items like those found in her favorite spa. You can treat her to a few new colors of nail polish and all the other tools she needs to do a manicure and pedicure at home. Add a few facial treatment products, a new bottle of scented lotion and other goodies that help her create a spa atmosphere at home.


Even if she raised all her little birdies and watched them leave the nest, mom may still like kicking back with a drink every now and then. Create a gift basket based around her favorite drink. Wine lovers might like a few new glasses, an automatic bottle opener and one or more bottles of wine. You can also give her a bottle of high end alcohol like vodka or whiskey with healthy alcohol mixers that she can use to create her own drinks. Fill out the basket with a few snacks that work with the alcohol like mixed nuts, crackers or chocolate.

Reading Baskets

Moms who love to read will get a kick out of a basket based around her hobby. Pick up a few books in her favorite genre, add those books to the basket and include some treats she can use while reading. She might like a new mug with a bag of hot chocolate, coffee or tea and some delicious cookies or candies. If you have a little more money to spend, consider giving her a tablet with a few books already downloaded. Give your mom something she'll really love this Mother's Day with a gift basket designed just for her.

Disclaimer This is a paid post, but these really great ideas for moms. And they are great ideas for other occasions other than mothers day.

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