Sunday, May 22, 2016

Two New Viewing Favorites

For those of us who binge watch, Netflix has a couple of shows that I really have become attached to. I am so surprised that some of the shows on Netflix weren't picked up by the major networks. A lot of them of quirky and really fun to watch. Maybe that is the reason, they just don't fit into the mold.

Here are the two shows that I have been viewing recently.


The name is just a fun one. And the show started out with a really quirky young man marrying an English young lady. They met up in Thailand. Cuckoo is a fun and free-spirited character. He says what he feels, and he follows his heart. His father in law can't stand him. He's just not what he pictured for his daughter. I am worried that the show will not continue with its good start. Somehow in the middle of the series Cuckoo disappears and his long lost son shows up in Rachel's life. Rachel was Cuckoo's wife. I hope that the series is able to pull the story line together. Because I love that a person as eccentric as Cuckoo is able to make it in the world

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This is actually the second season for this show. And I was excited when I saw that new episodes were available. The season didn't let me down. I love Kimmy's energy. And I love that she just doesn't let anything hold her back. I mean most people who are kidnapped and held in an undercover bunker for like seven years would be pretty negative. Not Kimmy she takes life as it comes, and she finds a way to deal with all of her problems. I really like that in this season Kimmy goes to a therapist. It's a twisted therapist relationship, but would you expect anything normal from Kimmy's life?

Those are the shows that I've been watching this past month. What videos have all of you been watching?

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