Monday, June 6, 2016

A Day At The Beach

Most of us think of a day at the beach as a time to relax. A time to enjoy the sun. A time to make memories with family. And that is how most of us spend our days at the beach. We spend the day running in and out of the water. We enjoy the sunshine. We enjoy the snacks we packed in a cooler. And we all wish we would have brought an umbrella to keep some of that sun off of us.

But there was one day at the beach that wasn't so friendly. It looked a little something like this.

If you were a soldier 72 years ago today this is what your day at the beach may have looked like. For just under 35,000 soldiers on June 6 1944 spent their day at Omaha Beach. And for 2,000 of these young men it was their last day at the beach. 

So the next time you are lounging around on the beach don't forget the people who made sure that you are able to spend free time at the beach.

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