Friday, June 3, 2016

Bento Box Mouse Macaroni and Cheese Pirate

My faithful followers know that I am a fan of Bento Boxes. I love cute food. And so I put together a bento box lunch that is healthy and perfect for kids and adults alike.

What You Need

1 box of Macaroni and Cheese (I used Annie's)
1 cucumber
red cabbage leaf
baby kale
a pair of food scissors

What You Do

Cook your mac and cheese. Once it is cook take a two lumps and put it on some wax paper. Put a glass over the lumps so that they are round. Place the mac and cheese in the fridge for four hours. Let it get solid. After the four hours. Pull it out of the fridge. Cut you cucumbers into slices. Cut two slices in half. Use them for your feet and arms. Next cut two slits into the top of your mouse's head. Place two cucumber slices into the head for ears. Next cut a circle, two triangles, and two strips out of your cabbage. Use the circle as the eye. Place one triangle upside down as the mouth. Place one triangle as the eye patch and lay the strips across the head to meet the patch.

Now lay cucumbers slices in the back of your container. Put a layer of hummus down. (That's your sand.) Place your mouse on top of it. And place some of the baby kale in front of it. That's your seaweed.

Now you have a cute little pirate on the beach. It's simple, and cute. And any pirate loving child will love this!

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