Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dawn At Emberwilde

Dawn At Emberwilde is the second book in the Treasures of Surrey series by Sarah E. Ladd. I am so happy that I have the opportunity to review this book for you today.

The Story

Isabel believes that she will settle into the life of a teacher. But a stranger shows up and informs her that her life is going to be different than she planned. She leaves the school and enters her new life where there are new opportunities. She is offered new clothing, an introduction to society, and the prospect of marriage. But Isabel remains true to herself. She remains independent and thinks for herself. And since it is a romance novel all ends well.

What I Liked

I liked that this novel is easy to read. And I liked that Isabel is a strong character. I like that the author doesn't try to make Isabel a that thinks like women today. Instead she has created a character who is strong and free spirited for the time she lives in. She is a true individual. She is intelligent and able to adapt to her new surroundings.  And I like that there are twists and turns in the story. This story really appealed to me because right now I am going through some changes in my life. And I could identify the difficulties Isabel had adapting to her new surroundings as well as finding out more about her past.

Who Should Read This Book

Anyone who is a fan historical romances will enjoy this book. It will probably appeal more to women than men. And if you want a romance that focuses on the story and the characters growth as a person you will enjoy this book.


I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but as always the opinions are all mine.

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