Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is It Really June?

At the beginning of May I decided that it was time to start setting some goals again. I felt like I wasn't getting tasks completed that I wanted. And well I felt I had a little lack of direction. So how did I do in the month of May with my goals?

My first goal for the month of May was to get the plumbing fixed. Yes, this was achieved. I am so thankful that I have a kitchen sink that is operating completely. I can do my dishes in the kitchen sink again. If you have never had to do your dishes in the basement or bathtub you don't know how great a kitchen sink really is. Life is so much easier now.

The second goal was to get the car title. This was so much easier than I thought it would be. I think I put off getting another title for the car because I was worried that it would be super difficult. The title was obtained. And my friend Gloria is now driving the car. I am thankful that is over with. It reminded me that things aren't always as difficult as I assume they will be. I need to remember this.

The third goal was to start exercising. Well, I have accomplished this. I took a different position at work because mine was eliminated. And boy do I get exercise now. I don't want the amount of exercise I am getting. I am believing that I will be able to move into an easier position soon.

The third goal was to clean the porch. This was a fail. I actually forgot that I set it as a goal. I don't know how I did that. Every time I walk out there it is a mess. There just seemed to be other pressing matters this month. The change in work schedules, and a family of raccoon seem to have taken priority the past week.

The last goal was to set up a blog calendar. I didn't really set up a calendar. But I did put down in a journal the upcoming posts that I have to complete. It has made my blog life a little easier. Not a little easier. It has made it a lot easier.

So  overall, May was not that bad of a month when it came to accomplishing things. I feel pretty good about it.

Now, what do I really want to complete in June? There are so many things.

Bath Bombs

I have been making bath bombs. And I really am having fun doing it. But they seem to break in half 25% of the time. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong with some of them. I need to do some more research.  Maybe I need to try a better mold. Does anybody have any suggestions? Please let me know how to stop this from happening. It's frustrating me.

The Car

The other night I had a flat tire. I had to dig all of the items out of the trunk to get the spare tire. It was a hassle. I am going to clean out that car this month. How does my car get so junky so quick?

My Garden

My garden looks much better this year. I was able to find the plants that are still there from my initial garden plan. Now I have to break some of them down. Those lillies an hosta have gone wild. This month I will break them apart and replant them throughout the garden. It's gonna look great. I've planted a couple of new plants and there is a lot more color in the yard. 

Learn How To Make Printables

I've always wanted to put together some good printables for my faithful followers. But I've never really taken the time to make it happen. I'm going to learn the basics of printables this month. 

So those are the things I want to accomplish this month, what do you want from the month of June?

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