Saturday, June 18, 2016

That Tells Me A Lot About You

Sometimes you overhear conversations. You aren't exactly being rude by listening in to a conversation. You are just there and the conversation is going on around you. That happened to me this week. And oh my was that an interesting conversation.

I was standing there minding my own business, when two women behind me began a conversation. It started out with them talking about their children. One of the women was surprised that the lady had a child who was 20 years old. She was asked why is there such a big age difference in your children? She explained that he was the child from her first marriage. And then another question was asked. How many times have you been married? The woman responded three times.

The other woman responded. Wow, that tells me a lot about you. I have to admit at this point I didn't want them to move away from me because this was getting interesting. The conversation continued with the one woman saying. If you get divorced again don't remarry. That was pretty blunt. The other woman responded with I was young with my first marriage, and I have bad taste in men. The other woman replied um, no, you aren't taking responsibility for any of this. If you are on your third marriage there is something more going on with you. You need to figure that out.

At first I thought wow, that was honest! And I felt bad for the woman who was the serial marrier. But as I've thought about the conversation more, I also gained some respect for the lady who made some statements. She was being honest with the other lady. Brutally honest, but she was honest. I thought to myself most of us think this about people have been married numerous times. But we tell ourselves we are being judgmental. So we make excuses for the individual. But honestly, as I've thought about it. There is truth to the statement that she wasn't taking responsibility for some of what was going on. But the problem with her statement was she didn't know how much responsibility really was the woman's.

So what do you think of the conversation?

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