Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Linen Closet

I am an old feline. But I still love to explore the world. And I have discovered a new and wonderful place. The linen closet is my absolute favorite place in the house. There are several reasons for this.

The first reason I enjoy the linen closet is the door is always closed. I have lived in this house for several years, and I have totally ignored this closed door. But the other day I decided it was time to look behind the door. It is a magical place.

The second reason I enjoy the linen closet is a wonderful place to hide. If my pet human is in one of those moods where she believes that I have done something wrong. I can simply nose this door open and retreat from my pet.

The next and most important reason I enjoy this space is it is full of soft wonderful items to sleep on. I can adjust all of the towels and sheets in the closet to fit just as I wish. And yes I can nap.

The other day I nosed open the door to the linen closet as my pet calls it. I entered and settled down for a relaxing nap. It was a glorious nap. I dreamt of chasing birds and catnip. But when I awoke from my siesta, there was a problem. The door was shut. I thought to myself I can just nudge it open as I have in the past. I nudged. It did not budge. This was not happening. It was time for my afternoon snack and I could not get to my food bowl. To my great shame I decided it was time to do what all felines hate to do. I had to cry out and ask my pet for assistance. I must say that she took her time helping me. But she did come to my rescue. She asked me what I was doing in there. Why do pet humans always ask such foolish questions? It was only obvious that I found the perfect place to nap.

This experience has caused me to wonder if other felines have been trapped in their favorite napping spots. And how do you all deal with this situation? How can I maintain my independence from the pet when a situation like this occurs? Please provide me with any advice you have.

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  1. I think we all long for the perfect place to nap! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. How nice to find a new place to hide full of nice soft things