Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Presidential Candidates

The presidential candidates from the two major parties have been chosen. And if you watch the news there are only two choices. But I believe there should be a third choice. An independent candidate that can capture all of our hearts. That candidate should be Kermit The Frog.
Kermit For President

The first reason Kermit is a skilled administrator of a ragtag group that can barely get along. Let's face it The Muppets spend a lot of their time bickering. Does that sound like any group of elected officials? But somehow he is able to pull off a show each and every time. He knows how to make the right compromises. And he knows when to stand his ground.

The second reason is Kermit has the ability to deal with hecklers effectively. Every show those hecklers have some sort of negative comment. It doesn't matter if the show is good or bad. This is a skill that every presidential candidate needs. Kermit is used to taking the beating the press would offer up.

The third reason is Kermit knows how to run a show with absolutely no money. He manages to pull the money out of somewhere to keep the show going. Surely this skill is needed to deal with the Capitol Hill budget.

And lastly, Kermit is actually an honest frog. He doesn't make foolish deals. He uses his head and his ability to deal with his group in order to make sound decisions for the group he is leading. He is able to maintain a somewhat healthy relationship with a highly emotional and demanding pig. And he takes responsibility for his mistakes. How many politicians do that?

So how do you think Kermit measures up to the other presidential candidates this year?

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