Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Question Book Review

Some books are pure entertainment, and some books make you think while they entertain you. The Question by R. Breur Stearns is a book that will entertain you and make you think.

The Book

This book is an adventure story about asking the question. The one question that is needed to be asked. Nate is trying to find the answer to this big question in life. He gets a group of people together to see if they can answer the question. But it is not an easy task. And there are some individuals who don't like the answer. 

What I Thought

This book didn't pull me in immediately. At least the story line didn't, but I kept reading because I liked the idea of the book. I liked that this book made me think about the world and the bigger ideas in life. This book isn't light reading. But once I got into the story, I was glad I stuck with it. There is some adventure. There are questions. And most of all I like that Nate just doesn't give up on his project to get an answer to the question.

Who Should Read This Book?

People who like to think will like this book. Like I said earlier, this book is not necessarily light reading. It's one that makes you wonder about the world around you. It has a basis in science so if you enjoy these type of books you may enjoy this.

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