Saturday, June 4, 2016

Those Bandits Stole Our Thunder

We the outdoor cats Mr. PickyPants and Sir Pushalot are upset. The bandits living in the attic stole our thunder. We are used to being the center of attention when our pet human comes outside. We have trained her to bring us food and water. And if we don't come running, we expect her to look for us. And most of the time she does a good job with this. It is her purpose in life to provide us with food and attention. But the other morning something went terribly wrong.

This is what happened. The neighbor girl came into our yard. This was strange. She doesn't usually do that. We like the neighbor girl. But it caught our attention. She knocked on our pets door. We looked at each other and thought that something is up. Our pet answered the door. The little girl and our pet spoke for a moment. Our pet came out the door, she was rude to us. She ignored us! How can we felines possibly be ignored. So we followed her.

We walked to the front of the house. We were staying very close to the pair. We were actually hoping that everyone would pay attention to us. Instead of paying attention to us they were all looking up at the roof of the house. So naturally we looked up to. And what did we see?

Now, we have known about these other animals living in our territory. But we have decided that we could all co-exist. After all they usually don't come out at night. And nobody notices them. But this morning that all ended. They cannot steal the attention of our pet. They must be trapped and set to another home.

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  1. OMC! They must have made a terrible racket up there! Of course, that is no excuse to ignore the outdoor cats. I hope that y'all were given extra treat for being upstaged by some raccoons! MOL!

  2. Oh no kitties! You better do something about this.

  3. Hi Heida,
    What an adorable story, so cute! and I love racoons they are so cute
    but they can sure be a nuisance as well. We have a kitty too, and she
    likes to be outside, but it got where we could not leave her food and
    water out at night because the racoons would come in and eat it,
    as our kitty made her own pet door by bumping out the screen on our
    screen porch, so unfortunately, the racoons must have watched her go
    in and out.........we tried a jillion times to seal it, only to have
    her bump it out again, so we finally gave up. Those racoons used
    to have quite the party out there and would just totally ignore our
    kitty and she pretty much just ignored them too.
    Thanks for sharing this, it was cute and put a smile on my face.
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. This is so cute! How many are around? I love to observe raccoons. For some reason, they are always making a mess.

  5. An amazing little story and together with the captures a wonderful post.

    By the way, I wonder reading the name Heidi to find an American woman. It's very nice to meet you, because I called Heidi too. It's the short version of Heidrun.... find my post for PhotoFriday here

  6. Oh no! We have racoons also. I can relate! ;) Cute post! ;)