Friday, July 8, 2016

The Ladies Invented It

Ladies know far better than men that it is better to work smarter than harder. And we often don't get credit for the many things that we have contributed to society. Here are a few things  that were invented by women that have made life just a little different.

The Ice Cream Maker

It wasn't until 1843 that Nancy Johnson invented the first hand-crank ice cream maker. Before her invention it took hours to make that wonderful frozen treat we call ice cream. And the thing is the design is still pretty much the same as the one she designed. She had it patented and sold it to a traveling salesman.

The Dishwasher

What happens when an aristocratic lady gets tired of her servants dropping and breaking her fine dishes. She sets to work at setting a way to save those dishes. The original dishwasher was made with a wire rack that spun within a boiler filled with hot, soapy water. It doesn't sound like it has changed that much over the last century since it was introduce at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.


Love her or hate her she was invented by Ruth Handler. She came up with the idea when she saw her daughter playing with paper dolls. She noticed that her daughter used the dolls to create future events. And so she developed a three dimensional doll for girls to act out their dreams.

Baking Oven

Cooking is an art, but baking is a science. And it was also a stroke of luck before 1867 when Elizabeth Hawks invented an auxiliary air chamber that attached to a stove so air could spread evenly throughout an oven. And it isn't hard to believe that over 2000 models were sold within two months time.

So what will the ladies come up with next?

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