Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Alice In Wonderland Bento Box

Oh, the new school year is here already. And well most people want to send a healthy lunch with their children. And of course it needs to be something a little interesting if you are going to get kids to eat it. So here is a super easy bento box that your kids will love.

Here's What You Need

Pineapple chunks
Fresh Mushrooms
Marbled Cheese
White Cheese
Small teacup

Here's What You Do

Get out your bento box. Place your pineapple chunks in the cup and around it in the top section of your bento box. Next cut your strawberries into a heart shape. Place it below the cup along with the mushrooms. Place your broccoli in the corner in the shape of a tree. Now take your marbled cheese and cut it out in the shape of a cat's face. Place it in the tree. Next take the tortilla and cut a long strip. Lay the strip flat and place the pepperoni in the tortilla. Roll the tortilla up. You have a rose now. Place it in the bottom corner. Lay out your blueberries. Take the white cheese and cut a circle. Place it on top of the blueberries. Now cut out a short strip of nori and a longer strip of nori. Place them on your circle and you have a watch.

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