Monday, August 1, 2016

Rio's Athletes

Dear Athletes of the Rio Olympics:

I enjoy the Olympics. It is a time when all of you have worked so hard for so many years get to show off your talents. It is a great event where we are often happy for the winner no matter which country they come from. I never can quite imagine how much dedication it takes for you to get to the point where you are able to participate in the Olympic games. It is fun to watch the opening and closing ceremonies where individuals from all over the world gather to celebrate.

But this year I am unsure if I am interested in your games. The reason for this is the doping scandals. I realize that most of you probably don't use performance enhancing drugs. But when I read that 85 members of one countries team were going to be banned from participation in the games, I decided that enough is enough.

You see I believe that the Olympics have become a little distorted. Yes, winning is great. But the entire spirit of the games is competing and doing your best. Taking a drug to make you do better just doesn't seem fair to the other athlete's who have worked so hard. It seems to reflect the attitude that it doesn't matter how you win it just matters that you win.

I feel that you are encouraging the rest of the world to stop thinking about the positives involved in the games, and only focusing on the winning. The games are a time when the world can come together and keep in a friendly fashion. It is a time when we see the skills of people from places we have only heard about.

So this year while the Olympics are playing on television I just kind of want to turn the channel and watch something else.

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