Monday, September 19, 2016

Citizens Arrest

It all started this one day when I got a letter in the mail. It wasn't a regular letter. It was a letter from the courts. I had a questionnaire. It was a questionnaire for jury duty. I completed it and mailed it out. I didn't think too much about it. It was something I did before.

But then another letter came. This time I had notice for jury duty. I had to call to see if I had to report for jury duty on a date. So many people I knew assured me that once I called I wouldn't have to go. So I felt pretty good about things.

The night came I had to make the call, and my number was part of the group who had to report for jury duty. It couldn't be true.

The next morning I got up and got dressed. I reported to the court house. I watched the video. And I was informed that there were only a few people needed that day. If my number was called I would have to remain. Everyone else would be excused. A way out of this. Surely my number would not be called. The first number that fell out of that person's mouth was the number I had.

Yes, we were the lucky ones. We would be going to the courtroom as potential jurors. Since I was the first one called I was the first one to go into the court room. Yep, I got to go into the jurors box. I got the question. Did you ever watch Andy Griffith? Um, yeah! Did you see the episode where a Citizen's Arrest is made. Yeah, probably. Then I was asked how do you know if someone is guilty? For you potential jurors the answer I gave is the wrong answer. My answer was you have to know the whole story. Yes, I was juror number one.

And that is my story about what you need to know about jury duty. Don't answer that question honestly. Just don't do it!

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  1. I have not been called up for jury duty in years when Kathy-Lee was a baby I got a notice about jury duty but I filled in the bit that got me exempt as I had a child under 18 but have never been called up again, Tim has been called up about 6 times and was picked once but before the case started the guy took a deal and the jury was dismissed.